Monthly Technical Support
10 Support Requests
Daily Full-site Backup
WordPress Plugin and Theme Updates
Install New Plugins
Site Performance Optimization
Database Optimization
Uptime Monitoring
Security and Malware Monitoring
Monitor Website Errors
Website Links Monitoring
10% Discount on any new service
Additional Requests price is 8 BHD per hour
SiberianCMS Management
SiberianCMS Servers Management Plan
6 FREE Support Requests.
Install & Test New modules and layouts.
Server Monitoring, Configuration.
Security and Malware Monitoring.
Server & SiberianCMS updates.
SSL Follow up and renewal.
Daily backup with monitoring.
Server performance improvements.
Database Optimization.
Monitor Website Errors.
* 10% Discount on any new service.
* Additional Requests price is $30 per hour.

Per hour Technical Support
2 Support Requests
Work as your requirements

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